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ThePortlandAlliance: March 2014 & Labor Radio!

Vol. XXXIV, Number 3 March 2014

Today, a top US military official candidly admitted
what we have known for years...
The  war in Iraq was about oil. 

US Uncut's photo. Source:  Thank Global Climate Convergence for the meme. 

Admiral Dennis Blair said:  We Sent Troops to Middle East...
Because of Oil-Based Importance of Region."

At the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs hearing titled, “The Geopolitical Potential of the U.S. Energy Boom,” Admiral Dennis Blair — former Director of National Intelligence, President and CEO of Institute for Defense Analyses and Commander in Chief of U.S. Pacific Command — admitted the Iraq war was about oil.  more:   (Old News!)

 KBOO Community Radio  90.7 FM presents: Labor Radio Show
 6:00-6:30 pm Every Monday Night!
CALL-IN and join the conversation! : 503-231-8187  March 31st, 2014
Host: Michael Morrow-- 5th Monday
Guests Juan Carlos Ordonez and Scott Moore

What the U.S. really needs is

universal single-payer
nonprofit health care!

Checkout The Alliance Healthcare Portal

Anesthesiologist Samuel Metz addressed the crowd at a rally in Pioneer Square in 2009. He was joined by a number of doctors, all in white caps, who support healthcare reform.  And right now, in March 2014, nothing has changed.  We need and deserve universal single payer nonprofit health care.  And this does not require anything but courage and a presidential signature.
(Picture above and story excerpt below by Faith Cathcart & The Oregonian)
on March 17, 2014 at 4:00 PM, 
By Samuel Metz, M.D.
Imagine all your medical information imprinted on one wallet-sized card. Then you lose it. Is this an inconvenience, or a catastrophe?
In France, Taiwan and other countries providing universal health care at lower cost, it’s an inconvenience. Get a replacement, and all is well. No harm, no foul.
But not here. In Oregon, and anywhere in the U.S., your medical records determine the kind of care you get, and maybe if you get any care at all.
  It’s a life or death issue.

Camillo Mac Bica, Truthout: "March 29 has been designated 'Vietnam Veterans Day,' according to a proclamation issued by President Obama in 2012. Now, I have no problem acknowledging the debt owed to all whose lives were affected by this war. What I find intolerable is that our leaders are incapable of telling the truth about the war."

Connecting Earth Day to May Day

Next month's convergence calls for "a solution as big as the crisis barreling down at us."
Nurses protest the possible Keystone XL Pipeline as a threat to the health of people and the planet (Steve Rhodes)Nurses protest the possible Keystone XL Pipeline as a threat to the health of people and the planet (Steve Rhodes)
"PEOPLE, PLANET and peace over profit."
That's the slogan for the Global Climate Convergence, a campaign of education and activism set for later this month, with 10 days of action running from Earth Day on April 22 to May Day, the traditional holiday celebrating workers' struggles.
The Global Climate Convergence marks an important moment in the broadening ecological struggle--a recognition that climate change is inextricably linked with capitalism, and that our struggle for environmental justice must be just as closely linked to the struggle for social justice and workers' rights.

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