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Vol. XXXV, # 3: March 2015 Issue of The Portland Alliance

Vol. XXXV, Number 3  March 2015 
PDX Police Updates

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Republicans work for the Fortune 500 and brag about it.
Democrats work for the Fortune 500 and lie about it.

The fate of the socialist left is tied
to that of the working class movement
—and the last four decades of one-sided class war have had dire consequences for both. The thread linking today’s generation of young workers to U.S. labor’s proud history of class struggle has been effectively broken and must be developed anew. This is a daunting but necessary task for rebuilding the working-class movement. Get the whole story 
                  An ISO View of the Future of the Left  by Jennifer Roesch and Sharon Smith
State of the Black Union
     A community forum of 
     leaders and activists
   discussing vision and
   strategy for liberation

   Sunday, March 1 at 1pm - 4pm at  
          3536 SE 26th Ave,
        Portland, Oregon 97202

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"Winter Blues" Music Festival is pleased to announce that after three successful years,
WBMF is returning with another weekend of great music to chase away the wintertime blues.

The Fourth Annual "Winter Blues" Music Festival will be held on
March 14, 2015
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                    A Portal to Winter Blues Music Festival

Native American Tribes
Take on Pot, Consider Gambling on Legalization:

Studies and possible votes loom on American Indian lands. 
A budtender pours marijuana from a jar at Perennial Holistic Wellness Center medical marijuana dispensary, which opened in 2006, on July 25, 2012 in Los Angeles

The Department of Justice has said federally recognized tribes may grow and sell marijuana. 
By Steven Nelson + More
Native American tribes are eyeing marijuana legalization as a potentially lucrative business opportunity in the wake of a green light from the Department of Justice in December.

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China Is Building a

$1.85B Methanol Plant
in ‘Cancer Alley’ Louisiana
but nobody bothered to inform
the Predominantly 
Black Community

 The company slated to run the plant in St. James Parish, Yuhuang Chemical Inc.,
      is seeking expedited permits to construct and operate a plant on the sprawling
      1,100-acre site and is awaiting the Louisiana Department of Environmental
      Quality’s determination of the environmental impact of the project, a decision
      that is expected on March 6, 2015.

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Breaking News & Views for the Progressive CommunitySingle-Payer: It's What the People Want
Published on Tuesday, January 20, 2015  by Common Dreams

New poll shows majority of Americans support such a system.
by  Andrea Germanos, staff writer
check it out:
Will the U.S. Government Stand Alone
in Rejecting Children’s Rights?

By Lawrence S. Wittner

Within a matter of months,
the U.S. government seems 
likely to become the only nation
in the world still rejecting the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights
of the Child
.  Sometimes called “the most ratified
 human rights treaty in history,” the Convention has been ratified by 195
, leaving the United States and South Sudan as the
only holdouts.  South Sudan is expected to move forward
with ratification later this year.   But there is no indication
that the United States will approve this children’s defense treaty.

How the US Helped
Create Al Qaeda and ISIS

vol 22 no 1 coverthumbMuch like Al Qaeda, the Islamic State (ISIS) is made-in-the-USA, an instrument of terror designed to divide and conquer the oil-rich Middle
East and to counter Iran’s growing influence in the region.
The fact that the United States has a long and torrid history of backing terrorist groups will surprise only those who watch the news and ignore history.
...The director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan,
General William Odom recently remarked, “by any measure the U.S. has
long used terrorism. In 1978-79 the Senate was trying to pass a law against international terrorism – in every version they produced, the lawyers said
the U.S. would be in violation.”

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